Basic Information

Territory Remote/ National

Job ID 13163


Job title: Global Client Relations Project Director 

Job Type: Permanent, full time 

Reporting to: Vice President - Global Client Relations 

Location: UK & rest of Europe

Home based role – travel abroad will be required

Vision: To be in every brand plan 

Mission: To accelerate high performance 

Core Values: Brave, Honest, Performance Driven, Practical, Customer Focused, Caring 

Job purpose: 

To direct projects and in time, manage global accounts. The Project Director (PD) will be primarily aligned to report to and work with a Vice President and will act as account owner and PD for the projects in the assigned VP’s accounts. As and when required, the PD will also support other VPs with their projects. 

Main responsibilities: 

  • The PD has a responsibility for business development, including maintaining current business and helping to grow the business within the assigned accounts. The Project Director will partner the VP with Business Development activities. In addition, they will be responsible for developing case studies and support materials to help the VP in business development activities. 
  • The PD will be allocated accounts in the portfolio and target of their VP manager, with a view to owning and developing the business within these accounts under the guidance of the VP of accounts. 
  • The PD will manage the assigned accounts, ensuring that client service on those accounts is high. The PD should be in regular contact with key client stakeholders, learning about their business and their challenges and how STEM can support them. The PD will ensure that the relationships with the clients are maintained and if possible, improved. 
  • Projects within the accounts will need to be directed by the PD. This requires such project tasks as, interviewing client leaders, analysing and interpreting observational data, developing key insights, and ultimately presenting the final report with strategic recommendations, as well as maintaining ongoing contact with the client. 
  • Ensure that projects are set up and resourced appropriately at the outset, and manages the progress of the projects throughout, ensuring that the client stakeholders and internal STEM stakeholders are communicated with about progress. 
  • The PD will therefore resolve any issues with the projects and ensure that the accounts are managed in an effective way to manage the client’s expectations and deliver excellent service. 
  • The PD will work closely with the Central Analysis team to interpret the data and stress-tests an initial hypothesis, so that a bespoke presentation can be brought together by the support team, and strategic recommendations can be made to the client. 
  • Through working with the UK Central Analysis team, the PD will act as a coach to the Central Analysts, giving them regular feedback and seeking wherever possible to aid their development through things like coaching and client exposure. 
  • The PD will work with local STEM colleagues to coordinate and ensure locally managed projects within the PD’s accounts are delivered on time and to a high quality. The PD will be responsible for ensuring that local teams are provided with sufficient information to enable them to run projects in accordance with the client’s expectations. The PD will work with local GM/VPs and PDs to ensure this.       

Experience and knowledge required: 

  • Detailed knowledge of STEM, its clients, its operations and how to develop business for STEM, particularly in the UK market.  
  • Results-focused but very good interpersonal skills to win business.
  • Excellent communicator.  Must be able to adapt communication style according to the situation and audience.  Can ‘tell a story’ and close a deal.  
  • Active listener.
  • Ability to network at high levels and be credible when interacting with senior individuals within client companies is essential. 
  • Ambitious, ability to work independently but a good team player with good leadership skills.
  • Gravitas and interpersonal awareness to interact, challenge, advise and deliver solutions.
  • A thorough understanding of the STEM methodology is required. 
  • Successful experience dealing with senior level stakeholders within clients is desirable.
  • Successful experience developing business on a consistent basis or demonstration of willingness and potential to develop this quickly is essential. 
  • Successful experience managing accounts/client relationships to deliver to client expectations.